Living up to Older Siblings

I loved playing football in high school, but never had that “killer’s edge” in me that my coach wanted me to have.  In an effort to get it out of me he said something along the lines of, “Your brother, Sean, was a great lineman because he had agression.  Where’s yours!”

As the youngest of four, sure, I’ve been compared to my older siblings a good amount of times, but it was rarely by my parents (which is probably why there’s no resentment or ‘competition’ with them).

Check out this video:

Sometimes, younger siblings feel like Mac in this video.  Parents, be careful when comparing your children.  Each son/daughter is gifted with a unique set of gifts and abilities and expecting your kids to “live up to” their older siblings isn’t right or fair.

Challenge your children, but remember that what’s a challenge for one son or daughter might be unfair to expect in the next.  And when your kids fail, talk to them about it, but not in a way that makes them feel humliated (negative reinforcement: “You missed the mark and didn’t do ____ right, do better next time.”) , but rather, in a way that empowers them to do better next time (positive reinforcement: “You did a good job doing ____, try _____ next time to do the whole thing that well.”)

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