The Importance of Student Leadership

When I was a teenager, I never considered myself to be a leader.  I was quiet (until I got comfortable with the people around me… then I wouldn’t stop talking) and very insecure.  But my youth pastor, Craig, gave me opportunities to teach at Bible Study or Youth Group every once in a while.  I remember one of those times I was teaching on a verse in Proverbs and Craig left the room while I was teaching, and I was absolutely terrified that he wasn’t there to help me out – but he trusted that God would give me strength, and He did!

It was through those experiences that God showed me that He created me to be a pastor.  If Craig never gave us teenagers opportunities to lead and to teach (obviously, if he did it, it would’ve been done better…), then our lives would not have been changed the way they were.

Watch this video (it’s about 6 minutes long, but it’s really worth watching!):

We are in the process of building a Student Ministry Team in our youth ministry and I’m super excited about it!  Parents, encourage you teen to prayerfully consider their involvement.  As I learned, you don’t need to be an extrovert to be a leader!  The most important qualities are a desire to serve Jesus Christ by serving your peers and being present (if you’re rarely at youth group, how do you expect to lead?).

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