Upcoming Events for Teens

1. Next Saturday we’re having a DODGEBALL TOURNAMENT!! Start recruiting your 5-person team now and come to the King Philip Middle School on Sat. Oct. 17th from 1:00-4:oo.  We’re keeping it low-key, but it’s gonna be a blast!

2. November 20th is the WOL Superbowl! No.. not that Superbowl!  It’s an all-nighter (not a sleepover) filled with hockey, bowling, on-the-ice games, all you can eat pizza, tons of crazy game.  Put it on your calendar now and start talking it up with friends.  You need to get your $40 check to me (always make checks out to “Emmanuel Baptist Church”) by Nov. 1.  Check out the promo video:

3. We’re going to Camp Berea for Deep Freeze!  Reserve Feb. 12-14th to join us… yes, I know that’s Valentine’s weekend, but we’ll be back around 2:00 so if you have a hot date you’ll still be able to go out. Get your $50 deposit to Pastor Mike by January 1st (total cost: $110).  If you want more info, check out Camp Berea’s website.

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