Parents & FaceBook

Facebook is HUGELY popular among teenagers, that no secret (unless you’ve been living under a rock).  But as a parent, what’s your responsibility?  I’m interested to find out from you what you’re doing about your son/daughter and Facebook.

I know some parents who have banned Facebook completely from their family.  Every once in a while I’ll come across a teen’s Facebook page and will think, “Has his/her mom or dad seen this!  Whoa!”  Then there are plenty of other teens whose parents are “friends” with them and have access to their pictures and wall (where comments are posted and displayed for other “friends” to view).

Here’s a link to a helpful article I found: Facebook for Parents.  It’s a quick read and there’s a video to give you a quick tutorial in how Facebook works if you’re unfamiliar.  There are also some pointers for how you, as parents, can effectively monitor your son/daughter’s Facebook page without being overbearing.

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