Church & Me

Check out this video:

Sometimes we really do treat church like that.  People leave churches over all sorts of reasons, but I wonder what Jesus (or the early Christians) would think about those reasons.  What about you?

As a pastor, obviously I want the people in my church to have a great experience when they come and to look forward to coming again.  I feel the same way about teens in my youth group.  I really do want it to be a good, fun, welcoming, helpful time for them to come and grow in their faith in Jesus Christ.  But I can’t make anyone listen to the sermon in church or to the lesson in  youth group.  If you come to church looking for what “I’m going to get out of this,” then I encourage you to question whether or not you’re coming with the right heart-attitude.

Jesus said “The Son of Man came to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many.”  We should live likewise.  Maybe Church isn’t about ME and what I get out of it; maybe it’s about worshipping Jesus Christ and serving those around me.

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