Project Mexico 2010: Caravan Ministries

I am SO excited to announce that we are in process of building a team of current High School students and adult leaders to go to Tijuana, Mexico from Aug. 1-7, 2010!  We’ll be serving with Mexico Caravan Ministries, which was started by Dave Burdette, a missionary EBC has supported for many years.  A number of EBC teams have gone down before I came on board as the youth pastor, but this will be my first time leading a team there.

The total cost of the trip (estimated based off a 20-person team) is expected to be right around $1000.  I’m asking for the Applications & Forms along with a $150 deposit by February 1st.  I strongly encourage you teenagers to contribute AT LEAST $50 of your own money towards the deposit.  If you aren’t willing to give $50 towards this trip, why should others give towards you going?

Team Requirements:

  • Current High School aged teenager who is connected to EBC’s Youth Ministry.
  • You will commit to regular attendance at either Youth Group or Sunday School (3/4 attendance)
  • You will make every effort to be present and prepared for every Team Meeting and will only be absent due to unforeseen & extreme circumstances.  The dates & times for the team meetings are given in the Essential Information document below.
  • You will be responsible to fundraise $1000 to cover expenses through both individual and team efforts.

Below I have uploaded the Team Application & Forms along with other informational documents you may be interested in.  Please let me know what questions you have regarding this great opportunity to grow in your own faith while serving others in the name of Jesus Christ!

Mecixo Caravan Ministries Team Application & Release Forms

Essential Information

Parents, if you have questions regarding safety, please read the Director’s Letter on Safety here.

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