The Gospel Declaration

Converge WorldWide (formerly the Baptist General Conference) has recently issued “The Gospel Declaration: A Call to Gospel-Informed Ministry.” My church, EBC, is a Converge affiliated church and I am very excited about this “Gospel Declaration.”

The declaration is only three pages long, and easily worth your time!  This took me about 15 minutes to read through and reflect on… surely you can spend that much time on it too.

Everything is written in plain English, so the document is very accessible, even if you have little or no experience reading theology.  I believe this could be very helpful and inspiring especially to teenagers and simple believers (I don’t mean that as a put down. I’m thinking of believers who do not consider themselves interested in theological and intellectual reading).

This Gospel Declaration is a wonderful reminder to me as a pastor about what my focus in ministry ought to be.  As the declaration states: “The message is not ‘try harder,’ ‘be moral,’ ‘become religious.’  The gospel is a news flash of what God has done in Christ.”  Amen!

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