How Much Media is Too Much?

Kaiser Family Foundation's report on "Changes in Media Use" among minors within the past five years

According to Walt Mueller of the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding, the typical teenager uses some form of Media (TV, Internet, Music, Cell Phone, Video Games, etc.) for 7:38 every day!  That’s crazy… until I think about how much I use my computer, watch TV, and use my cell phone… then I call it “work.”  It’s easy to hear figures like this and react harshly, but we all need to take an honest look at ourselves and the examples we’re setting.

Here’s a link to a great article on the “Source For Youth Ministry” about Media Consumption.  It’s not a short read, but it’s full of helpful tips to help parents discuss music and other media with their teenage children.

Teens: Do you look at screens (TV, Computer, Cell Phone) so often that your eyes start to hurt and your vision is getting worse?  Do you need to listen to music to fall asleep because you find silence either scary or too unsettling?  When was the last time you read a book or magazine and truly enjoyed it?

Parents: What example are you setting for your sons and daughters in these areas?  Are you talking to your kids about the music they listen to and the shows/movies they watch and what sites they visit online?

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