LWAYG: What is T3? (Talent, Treasure, Time)

“T3” is the name of our newest series with the High School group.  T3 stands for “Talent, Treasure, Time” and is a reminder that God has entrusted everyone with these three possessions and He wants us to use each of them in a way that honors Him.

In John 6:1-13 we read about one of Jesus’ most famous miracles.  This is where Jesus is teaching in the countryside and feeds thousands and thousands of people (the Bible says there were 5000 men, so after including women and children there could’ve been over 10,000 people there!) with one young boy’s lunch.

I want you to think about who in this story you’re the most like:

  • The Disciples: “Jesus, this can’t be done!  The problem’s too big!”
  • The Crowd: “Feed me, I’m hungry!”
  • The Boy:  “It isn’t much, but Jesus, I’m giving you all I’ve got.”

Do you use what God’s given you to make much of Jesus?  Now you might say that you don’t have any money, you don’t have a job, so this doesn’t apply to you.  But what do you have?

We all have the three T’s: Talent, Treasure, Time.

  • Talent: The stuff you’re good at (music, sports, drama, art, writing, speaking, listening, etc.)
  • Treasure: The stuff you have (money, clothes, car, music, etc.)
  • Time: Availability

Think about how you use these three things.  Most of the time when we talk about “serving others” we think about having to go out of our way.  That’s good – we should go out of our way to serve others… but we should also look for opportunities to show people the importance of our faith right where we are!

If you’re involved in drama, how are you using your T3 to show people Christ while you’re at drama.  If you’re in band, how are you using your T3 to show people Christ while you’re at band.  You get the idea…

This is the foundation for the T3 Challenge, which I will write about in a separate post.

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