Who Will Greet You in Heaven?

James Montgomery Boice tells the following story in the third volume of his commentary on the Gospel of John:

One year the missionary conference of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia was attended by four veteran missionaries.  Two were a couple who had given more than thirty years of their lives to working in unevangelized fields in Africa.  Another, together with her husband, has done pioneer Bible translation work in Mexico.  The last had spent over forty years in Spain.  These presented their work at a series of meetings and dinners during the week and then eventually returned to their fields.  After they were gone I received this letter from a woman who had been a member of the church for many years and had attended the conference.  She wrote, “In 1936, I started attending Tenth Church while in college and have followed ever since then the work of these three missionaries, who had just then left for missionary service.  The Wolls have evangelized Kenya in that time.  They have trained and sent out workers.  They have established churches and Bible schools.  Maria Bolet in that same time has been training Spanish missionaries in a Bible school and has sent those trained throughout Spain.  She has operated summer camps.  She has been persecuted, several times been put out of Spain, and then allowed to return.  Now the children of her earlier converts are attending camps, and the mothers are crying out for more camps.  In that time the Lathrops have reduced a language to writing, have translated the New Testament into that language, and have evangelized the entire Tarascan area of Mexico.  They have established an indigenous church there.  I have pursued my profession at home and overseas and have a few years remaining, a satisfying career.  But who will greet me in heaven when I arrive there and say, ‘I am here because you gave your life to proclaim the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ’?  Who will count me such a blessing?”

I know this person well enough to know that she has been a blessing.  Quite a few have come to know and trust in Christ as a result of her testimony.  But the question still stands – for me and for you.  Have you been brought to spiritual life by Jesus?  Can others tell that you have been with Jesus?  Have any believed on Jesus because of your testimony?  God Grant that this might be true of each of us, or that we will allow God to make it true as we spend more time with him.

One thought on “Who Will Greet You in Heaven?

  1. CAL March 25, 2010 / 8:15 am

    What a thought-provoking, powerful ‘testimony of testimonies’! Thank you for sharing it.

    May our Father help each of us to be what/who He wants us to be so other people can see Jesus in us.

    “Life is like a box of chocolates.”- You never know what ‘flavor’ of opportunity to share God’s love may stand before us at any moment in time. We need only to be bold enough to hold out the gift of God’s Love to the aching, hurting, seeking world at our very doorstep.

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