Word of Life 180

On Saturday, May 15 Word of Life is hosting 180 at Gillette Stadium.  180 will include a soccer tournament with two division: a Guys division and a Coed division… but you need to register your team ASAP.  There’s another catch: We need to pay for at least 10 people up front before being able to register a team… and there’s limited slots for teams.

There’s also a Mexico Team meeting in the morning of May 15th, so students participating in the Mexico Missions trip will be a little late to the event if they choose to participate in 180 (registration begins at 12:30).

Here’s what I need, if we’re going to participate:

  • An adult point-person to coordinate our group’s registration and other adult volunteers (I like having one adult for every five teens at off-site events like this).
  • Students to coordinate a team (we are only allowed to have one EBC team, so please ask around and try not to exclude anyone who wants to participate)
  • I need a check for at lest ten people before I can register a team, so the sooner you get your friends/teammates to pay up the sooner I can reserve a spot for your team!

For more information about WOL 180 click the icon here: 

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