I Don’t Get Lady Gaga

I really just don’t get Lady Gaga…

I just watched her new music video with Beyonce, “Telephone,” and I feel like I need to spend some extra time in prayer today… and I watched the “Official Clean Version!”  I also looked up the lyrics and was absolutely less than impressed.

The song doesn’t say much other than “Leave me alone!”  But the music video is almost ten minutes long, and it’s filled with nudity, dancing, murder, and lots of attitude.  What’s not to love?  (please note the sarcasm)

Parents, I dare you to go to youtube.com and type in “Lady Gaga, Telephone” and just watch the first two minutes!  THIS is what is being put before teenagers today as “appealing.”  I’m not typically the type to jump and yell against celebrities and personalities, but lately I’ve really been overwhelmed by the filth that’s being put out there.

Jonathan McKee has written a great blog post about this music video if you would like to get a thoughtful response to this video (rather than my initial reactions).  Check out his post here: “Gaga and Beyonce Team up to Corrupt.”

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