Having “The Talk”

Yeah… that one.

Parents, have you talked to your son or daughter about sex?  Who do you want to be the one to teach him/her, because if you aren’t then I can guarantee you someone is.  By the time your son or daughter is in Junior High there’s a lot of talk about sex in those hallways and locker rooms.  Even if your kid is pretty sheltered and doesn’t figure it out from someone else, he’s going to be really confused (but too embarrassed to talk to you about it).

Here is a series entitled “Talking About Sex,” which is filled with good, short, biblical, practical articles on Focus on the Family’s website.  I strongly recommend them to help you navigate the challenging waters of “The Talk.”  Of course, if there are other resources you think would be helpful, please feel free to share the link or name of the resource as a comment below.

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