Toronto Update 1: We’re Here!

After leaving the EBC parking lot at 4:40am, we arrived at Riverside Missionary Church in Toronto at 4:58pm!  We made such great time on our way (while still driving responsibly!) that we had time to stop at Niagara Falls and ate lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe and then spread out at a park for our devotional time.  What a great way to start off our week!  Thanks for your prayers for safe travels, they’ve been answered!

Sleeping in the Van
We stopped at Niagara Falls for lunch since we were making such good time on the road.

Once we got here and our orientation was completed, we drove to a Jamaican Jerk restaurant named “The Jamaican Jerk.”  The food was really good: Rice with yellow curry, Spiced Pork (which I thought tasted like good beef brisket), Chicken Roti, Jamaican Banana Cakes, and a Jamaican style donut.  The food and service were both excellent, pretty much every cleaned their plates (which, considering we had a decent-sized lunch, is very impressive!).

"The Real Jerk" - Jamaican Jerk restaurant. Great food!

After dinner we went to an Asian supermarket where we had a great time picking out some goodies to snack on throughout the week.  I’ve been looking for some good Thai fruit ever since spending the summer of 2003 there – and I’ve finally found it!  I’ll be sharing these with the team tomorrow morning for breakfast (under the skin there’s a super-sweet fruit similar to Lychee).

Rambutan: It's bark is scarier than it's bite!

Prayer Requests:

  1. For God to open our eyes to see Him clearly and consistently working throughout the week, and for our hearts and minds to be teachable and obedient.
  2. For Bosco, our CSM Staff Guide for the week.  Bosco was born in Hong Kong and now lives in Toronto; this is his second Summer working as staff for CSM: Toronto.  Pray for Him to be wise and discerning as he leads us this week at our ministry sites, around the city, and through our debriefing sessions each day.
  3. For Health & Safety as we see, touch, smell, and taste new things in a new city.  We’ll be driving a lot too, so keep praying for safety on the roads!
  4. For the Somali Tutoring ministry we’ll be working to serve this week.  In 1991 a Civil War in Somalia broke out, and there are now tens of thousands of refugees living in the city of Toronto.  Pray for the language barrier to be broken down through much patience and humility.  Pray also for each team member to be paired up with someone whom he/she can really help and be of benefit to.  Finally, pray that we would embody Jesus Christ in such a way that these refugees would grow curious to learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Somali’s are typically a Muslim people).

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