The Superbowl All-Nighter is Coming!!

The Superbowl All-Nighter is coming… will you be there!?  No, I’m not talking about that Superbowl (you know, the one the Patriots are going to win in February… ok, maybe not, but we can hope!).

Here’s what you need to know:

  • November 12-13th
  • $55 due to P.Mike by Sunday, Oct. 17th (checks made out to EBC, please)
  • Superbowl Permission & Medical Release Form completely filled out for each person going
  • Meet at EBC Friday at 5:00, get picked up at 6:00am on Saturday

We’ll be taking a bus down to Providence to catch a Providence Bruins hockey game, tons of pizza, a huge indoor gym with tons of inflatables and other games, and either bowling or roller-skating.  After the hockey game there will be a speaker who will share the Good News of Jesus and why what you believe about Jesus is the single most important thing in the world and you will be given the opportunity to respond if you want (and if you don’t want to, there’s no pressure or reason to feel “weird”!).

This is an event that’s run in multiple cities around America each year.  Below is a video made by a youth group somewhere else, but it gives you a good picture of what to expect from the Superbowl.

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