50 Druggiest Colleges…

An online site, “The Beast,” has compiled a ranking of the “50 Druggiest Colleges,” and the top four are all in New England.  I have never heard of this website before, but it was mentioned on the news so I went hunting for it online.  According to this list, 8 of the top 50 universities/colleges with the highest drug-use are in New England.

I do not know how accurate these rankings are, since they are based upon available student-rankings on the prevalence of drugs on campus, which seems like a very subjective and fairly unreliable way of doing a study.  I wouldn’t quote from this list in a research paper, but I think it’s casually interesting to consider.  Browse the site linked above for the full listing at your own risk, as I can’t vouch for what else you’ll find there – but here’s the top 20 Druggiest Colleges according to this study:

  1. University of New Hampshire
  2. Northeastern University
  3. Bryant University
  4. University of Maine
  5. SUNY Purchase
  6. University of Colorado Boulder
  7. SUNY Oneonta
  8. California State University
  9. West Virginia University
  10. Williams College
  11. Ohio Wesleyan University
  12. University of Oregon
  13. Washington & Lee
  14. Appalachian State University
  15. Northern Arizona University
  16. Kent State University
  17. Indiana University
  18. University of Vermont
  19. Washington State University
  20. Miami University


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