SEMP: “Student Evangelism Bootcamp”

We’re going to “SEMP: Chicago” this summer for our mission trip!  SEMP stands for “Students Equipped to Minister to Peers,” but I like to call it “Student Evangelism Bootcamp.”  I attended SEMP in 2001 while I was doing my college internship and it truly was an amazing experience that I still draw from today.  I left feeling better equipped to share (and defend) my faith with non believers and with confidence that God really is faithful when we take the risk of talking about Him with people.

SEMP is a one-week training event for High School students held in Downtown Chicago, IL at Moody Bible Institute. Jesus taught his disciples to be fishers of men, so the entire week is focused on helping students reach their friends. SEMP’s goal will be to target the training of 600 students in peer evangelism, utilizing the amazing city of Chicago as the harvest field. Over 50,000 students have already been exposed to this training experience.

When Are We Going?
Monday, June 27 through Saturday, July 2nd.  This is the only week of SEMP, so there’s the strong possibility students may need to miss the last few days of school to attend.

What Will We Be Doing?
At SEMP we will be learning how to communicate the Gospel, answer hard questions, and discern “smoke-screens” people put up in spiritual conversations… and then you’ll be challenged to actually put it to practice in a variety of ways throughout the week.  We’ll sit in classroom settings during lectures (good practice for graduating seniors preparing for college!), discussing in small groups, talking to people throughout the city of Chicago, and writing letters to people at home.

What type of students should come to SEMP?
SEMP is not for all students. This event is designed specifically for students who desire a deeper relationship with God and are serious about sharing their faith with their friends. This event will be an equipping experience that will stretch, challenge and prepare them for peer ministry.  This doesn’t mean you need to be perfect to come, but you should be someone who is already walking with Christ and wants to walk more closely and faithfully.

What are the Team Expectations?
We expect that you will prepare for this opportunity spiritually by holding your teammates up in prayer before, during, and after the trip.  We also expect you to complete the Applications (see below), meet the financial commitments, to attend the pre-trip meetings, to submit to the team’s leadership, and to conduct yourself in a way that reflects well on Jesus Christ and Emmanuel Baptist Church.

What Are the Dates Pre-Trip Meetings?
Sat. April 9th, Sat. April 30th, and Sat. June 18th.

Where will we be staying?
In the dorms of Moody Bible Institute in downtown Chicago.

What is the trip cost?
Total cost: $850 ($450 for SEMP conference, $300 airfare, $100 team expenses)

What does the cost include?
Preparation packet, event training in apologetics, evangelism and outreach, 5 nights campus lodging, meal package (4 breakfasts: Tuesday-Friday, 4 lunches: Tuesday-Friday, and 4 dinners: Monday-Thursday), 3 day public transportation pass for witnessing experiences, training resources, SEMP worship services and special guest speaker.

What do we have to pay up front?
$75 per person, non-refundable, non-transferable deposit.  This amount is applied to the per person trip cost.

When is the deposit due?
At the time of group registration.

When is the team registration deadline?
March 13th: please submit team application & $75 deposit.  Each student will be required to complete both an SEMP Team Application & Release Forms and a SEMP Registration form.

When is the final balance due?
May 27, 2011

Where Can I Go to Learn More?
SEMP’s website has an amazing FAQ section HERE, check it out and let me know if you have any more questions!

2 thoughts on “SEMP: “Student Evangelism Bootcamp”

  1. Sharon Rupert July 9, 2011 / 10:33 pm

    Hi! I attended SEMP in 2001 also. I attended in 2000 in Baltimore and 2001 in Costa Mesa. Life Changing! I encourage any teen looking to delve deeper into apologetics and taking a deep look at their own faith to go to SEMP. It will change your life.

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