To Camp Berea we go!

We’re off to Camp Berea again!  I know you’re excited, and I am too, so here’s the information you need to know.

What’s Due this Sunday:

  • Remaining $70 of the balance.
  • Camp Berea forms (Permission & Medical Release form and the Paintball form).  All forms are available at EBC, but we are not able to post them online (sorry!).

Time to meet:                 
Friday, March 4th at 5:00 sharp… DON’T BE LATE!
(the bus will be leaving by 5:15 once we’re all packed up!)
at Emmanuel Baptist Church
Bring a bagged dinner  (We’re only stopping for one bathroom break)

We Return on:
Sunday afternoon, March 6 at 4:00pm
at Emmanuel Baptist Church

What to bring this weekend:
Bible (if you have one)
Sleeping bag & Pillow & Towels
Bathroom stuff (Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant etc.)
Gym clothes (They have an indoor gym)
Snow pants or extra clothes in case you get wet from tubing.
Boots, Warm clothes, Winter Jacket, Winter Hat, and Gloves
(You don’t need to over-pack… you’re only packing for TWO DAYS!)

What NOT to bring this weekend:
The Obvious: Drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, weapons, or anything illegal.
MP3 Player of any kind
Cell Phone
Any other electronics:  Cell phones and ipods isolate you from others, we want you to “get away” for the weekend to make new friends and meet Jesus. Any of the above will be confiscated and returned when you arrive back to EBC on Sunday.

Why no cell phones or iPods?
Because they ISOLATE and DISTRACT.  At camp we hope to build a greater sense of community, build new friendships, and connect with God in a deeper and more meaningful way than we do when we’re home.  Take this opportunity to unplug: Facebook, your Cell Phone, and your Music won’t stop working for you when you get home because they’re bitter you left them for two and a half days!

What if there’s an emergency and I need to talk to my son/daughter?

  • Call Camp Berea’s office and they will find me and your son/daughter ASAP.
  • Call Pastor Mike’s cell phone (most parents have my cell phone number, if you don’t just try calling another parent to get it since I’d rather not put my cell number online for anyone to get).

What are the details about Paintball?

  • There is a $10 field fee for each 1 hour session or $25 if you play 3 sessions. This includes the cost of your marker and 200 rounds of paint.  For each extra 100 rounds of paint, there is an additional charge of $5.
  • Yes, you may bring your own equipment.  You must turn it in at the office when you arrive on camp grounds.  $10/ session or $25 for 3 sessions for the field fee (you still need to buy your paint from Berea).
  • You must bring a release form signed by your parent or guardian in order to play. Your signature (is under 18) is also required on the “Participant’s Signature” line.  You can get the paintball form from Pastor Mike.

Who’s the Speaker & Worship Leader?

  • Sam Bhatt is our speaker: As a youth pastor for a number of years, Sam has a strong heart for students and a desire to serve them. His riveting storytelling engages students as he humorously takes them through the issues they face, igniting them to pursue passionately the strength they can find in Jesus Christ. Sam attended Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque, Iowa.
  • Ohio Avenue, you can check them out HERE and HERE.

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