Josh Hocker’s Mission Trip

Josh Hocker is a high school senior in our youth ministry who has made arrangements to serve as a short-term missionary to Japan this summer with Global Expeditions.  The trip (for now) is still on, despite the turmoil following the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear reactors.  If the trip must be canceled for safety or other logistical issues, Josh still plans on serving somewhere in Asia for the summer.

Here’s what Josh has to say about his trip:

I am going to Japan to share Jesus Christ with the Japanese people through English improvement classes for highschool and college students and street drama. The English improvement classes are for us to build relationships with the students so we have an open door to freely share our testimonies and the Good News with them. Street drama is our missions team putting on a short play about Jesus on the streets of the cities we will be visiting. Our goal with doing street drama is to show as many people as possible who Jesus Christ is because very few people even knows that there is a God Who died for them.

You can go here to find out more about Global Expeditions’ mission in Japan, and you can go here if you would like to financially contribute towards this exciting opportunity for Josh (he has to raise just over $4000 – missionary ID # is 2626148).

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