A New Adventure (no, not that!)

No, I’m not announcing my resignation!

I started a new blog, Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry!  Here are a few reasons why:

  1. I love to write.  I have always thought best with my fingers on a keyboard.  Some people are verbal processers, I guess I’m a “write-it-out” processor.  Writing clarifies my thoughts, focuses my convictions, and helps me effectively speak about something I’ve already thought through.
  2. I love youth ministry.  No, I don’t think I’ll be a youth pastor “forever”… but I absolutely love ministering to teenagers and their families.  Because I love it so much, there are times when I want to share thoughts, insights, and questions about the philosophy and practice of youth ministry with others who are also engaged in youth ministry.  This new blog will be a place where I can do that more freely.
This doesn’t mean that I’m going to be neglecting this site in order to try to build a name or reputation for myself!  My ministry to the students and families at Emmanuel Baptist Church is absolutely and unequivocally my first priority (well, other than loving God and loving my family, but you know what I mean).
Instead of periodically posting articles about ministry philosophy or practice on this website (which is supposed to be primarily for the students and families of EBC), those ministry and theology-based posts will be put to Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry.  This shift will give Crosswalking more definition and consistency as a website while still giving me the space to work through various ministry-related topics that I believe are worthwhile and helpful to share with others.
Check out my first post on the new blog if you’re interested in hearing more: Why Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry?

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