Dug Down Deep 2: Importance of Knowing God

Have you ever played the game “Two Truths & a Lie?”  You have to come up with, well… two truths about you and one lie, and people need to guess which one is the lie.  It’s surprisingly difficult (especially for people like me who are terrible liars).  It’s tough enough to lie convincingly, but it’s even more difficult to live your life trying to convince a group of people that you’re one person while you’re actually another.

You can fool people for a while, but if you spend enough time with people then eventually they’ll probably be able to see who you really are.  In Dug Down Deep, we saw two teenagers talking about how they were living double-lives: “living for Christ” at church, but then living a completely other way when they were with their friends.

Sometimes people live these double lives because they are intentionally trying to “act Christian” even though they really aren’t that person.  Sometimes I think people live double-lives because they’re personally conflicted: “Which ‘me’ am I?” “I want to live for God, but I don’t know how to do that when I’m not in church.”  If you’re living a double-life, I encourage you to spend some time really thinking about and praying about WHY.

Josh Harris says,

“What you believe about God’s nature – what he is like, what he wants from you, and whether or not you will answer to him – affects every part of your life.  Theology matters, because if we get it wrong, then our whole life will be wrong. 

“So if you think of God as uninvolved in your life, then you’ll live selfishly.  You’ll use other people to get what you want and think that God won’t notice.  If you think God exists just to serve your needs and desires, you’ll pray when you’re in trouble but ignore him the rest of the time.  You’ll be angry when he doesn’t give you exactly what you want.  

“Messed up theology leads to messed up living.”

In Jeremiah 7:3-8 God has some strong words for his people, because they assumed their relationship with God was strong because of the blood in their veins (“Hey, we’re the Children of Abraham, the chosen people!”) and because they had the Temple (“I’ll do what I want then just make a sacrifice and God will forgive me.”).  But they didn’t actually live in faithful obedience to God.  They allowed injustice, they oppressed foreigners, and they worshipped idols.  Their messed up theology led them to trust in their genealogy and in the Temple more than they trusted in God’s character and grace.

We live our lives based off what we believe about God.  Your life reveals what you really believe about God.

  • So if you think that you can manipulate God into forgiving you time and time again for things you’re not really sorry for, then you don’t really believe that God is Holy.
  • If you think you need to take situations into your own hands when something goes wrong, then you don’t really think God is Sovereign, Faithful and in control.
  • If you think you can do whatever you want and God won’t notice or care, then you don’t really think that God is Omnipresent (everywhere) or Just.
  • If you make a total mess of your life and think that God won’t take you back or forgive you, then you don’t really believe that God is Loving and that salvation is by faith alone.

So if your life was a theology book, what kind of God would it describe?  Are you living your life based on what the Bible tells us about God, or based off what you think God is like (or what you want God to be like)?

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