Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas


Here’s a short post today spurred on by wishes for a “Happy Holiday.”  I know a lot of Christians who get really upset (even offended!) when they are wished a “Happy Holiday” rather than a “Merry Christmas.”

But here’s why I’m generally ok with “Happy Holiday:” Because most people celebrate Christmas as a social and family holiday, not as a religious one.  If they’re not “the religious type” and aren’t recognizing Virgin Birth, then it’s like Thanksgiving or Independence Day.

Why should we expect someone to be excited about Christmas if they don’t believe Jesus really is who the Bible says he is and that he was born by a virgin who conceived him miraculously through the Holy Spirit?  Let’s admit it, the meaning of Christmas is “pretty far out there” if you aren’t a Christian.

If you’re one of my friends and you wish me Happy Holidays I’m not going to be offended or upset (but I might grin and say “Merry Christmas” or “Just which holiday are you talking about?”).  Christmas is already celebrated as two holidays: The Christian holiday, and the cultural holiday.  Being wished “Happy Holidays” bothers me way less than Christians who only celebrate it as a nice cultural holiday, following the traditions of our families but missing the point of Jesus’ birth.

BONUS ARTICLE: “Does Writing ‘Xmas’ Take Christ out of Christmas?”

One thought on “Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas

  1. Anonymous December 6, 2011 / 7:13 pm

    Merry Christmas Mike! 🙂

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