This is Love… This is the Power of Adoption…

Wow, I found this story because Tim Challies linked to it on his website here and I’m so glad to have read it.  If you read this and aren’t emotionally moved then you simply don’t have a heart.  Here are the opening two paragraphs, it’s a short but very powerful read, I’ve included the link below.

“When I was just a little girl, like a wee little thing, I had a different mom and dad. And they were kind to me, but they had hurts and they had addictions and they didn’t know how to take care of themselves, much less a wee girl and her little brother.

I mean, they tried. They hung on to us for several years, but things kept slipping and they kept falling and failing and they mustered up what strength they could, but they just couldn’t make it work and they couldn’t make it right. And so the policemen came over and over again, and took us away and my mama cried in the back of that police car, hands cuffed, and she told me that she loved me. And I knew in my little heart, as I looked up at her, tears streaming and mascara running, I knew that she really did love me. She just couldn’t make it work.”

Read the rest HERE

What a powerful story of Adoption, Love, Rescue, Hope.  May we all find that hope and rescue ultimately in our Heavenly Father through the rescue-plan of Jesus Christ.

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