Faithful Ministry to The Millennial Teen

Infographics like this cause me to ask a few questions (which I mostly don’t have answers to… thoughts, but no answers).  I’d love your thoughts on these too, leave a comment below.:

  • How does all this technology impact teens’ prayer life?
  • How should the prevalence of technology among Millennials influence how the local church communicates with their generation?
  • Where’s the line between Contextualization (translating your message so it’s easily understood to your audience) and Selling Out (changing your message so it’s easily accepted by your audience)?

I’m convinced we have much to learn from the men and women who have faithfully served the Church throughout the centuries, learning from how they have seen the changes in their culture and responded by faithfully proclaiming the Gospel.  We must take the time to understand Millennials in order to effectively communicate the transforming power of the Gospel in a way that is both faithful to Scripture and Church History.  This isn’t a new, it’s  the challenge and opportunity that every generation has struggled with.

May we be found faithful.  Faithful to Christ, to his Bride (the Church), and to the emerging generations.

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