Summer Review: 2012 Edition

Well, I mostly took the Summer off from blogging, but I’m back (I know, I know, you’re excitement level just went through the roof, right?).  Here are some ministry highlights from the Summer:

  1. Guatemala Missions Trip – This was such a great experience.  The team really became that… a team!  Casa Bernabe definitely kept us busy, and the students rose to the challenge.  When one person got tired, someone else took the shovel; when a prayer request was shared, someone else prayed and God answered every single prayer request in a very clear way; when a need arose, so did a student’s hand to volunteer to meet it.  I’m so proud of them!
  2. Vacation Bible Camp – This is always a highlight every year, and this year was no exception.  Not only did my kids have a blast (they still sing the songs and do the dances… even my 1 year old!), but the youth really stepped up and served.  It was such a blessing as a youth pastor to watch our students investing themselves in younger children.  Plus, I got to sing and dance and make a fool of myself!
  3. Grounded – We reformatted our mid-week Bible Study program to combine the guys and girls and to welcome Junior Highers and branded it as “Grounded.”  I was shocked by the student involvement and have been really encouraged by the students as we dug deeper into God’s Word in order to grow more rooted and “grounded” in Christ.  Grounded will be reformatted again for the school-year while taking the month of September off while everyone adjusts to school starting up again.
  4. Time with students – One of the things I love most about the Summer is how much easier it is to hang out with students.  Even though this Summer was a really busy one for my family and for the ministry (I was pretty much away every-other week for either a family vacation or ministry opportunity), I still had more time one-on-one with students than I usually get… that was awesome!

Here’s what I’m looking forward to about this School-year:

  1. Seeing students continue to grow more grounded in their faith in Christ Jesus.
  2. Working towards more student-involvement in various components of the ongoing ministry programs (like leading games and planning different aspects of youth group meetings).
  3. Emphasizing the importance of praying for one another more regularly in youth group.
  4. Being surprised by who emerges as student-leaders.  This is one of my favorite things every year, there’s always someone who surprises you (in a good way) throughout the year!

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