Tips for Leading your SYATP Prayer-Time

See You at the Pole is a student-led prayer time that is held towards the beginning of each school year. It’s a time for Christian students to gather together and to ask God to bless their friends, their teachers, and their school administrators.

It’s also a great time for students who attend different churches to get together and realize that although they might be the only one in their school who attends their church they aren’t the only Christian in their school – I always hear students say, “so-and-so came to SYATP, I didn’t know he/she went to church!” Great connections are always made!

This year’s SYATP is scheduled for Wed. Sept 26th at 7:00am. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan and prepare for SYATP (go to SYATP’s website for tons of great resources under their “Plan” page):

  • Start on time, end on time. Don’t se SYATP as an excuse to justify being late for homeroom, it will reflect poorly on Christ and will make your teachers think Christians are irresponsible.
  • Have a plan. Again, check out the link above to SYATP’s website, they have some really helpful planning guides and checklists to help you out. If you don’t think about what you’ll do when you get there, don’t be surprised if it gets REALLY awkward – make sure someone has a plan.
  • Don’t wait for someone else to take the lead. If you get there and everyone is staring at their shoes or just chatting, don’t be afraid to step up and get things going… maybe everyone else is just waiting for a leader – be that leader.
  • Don’t walk past the flagpole… even if there’s no one else there when you arrive. Maybe you’ll be the only one, or maybe there are other people waiting to see who else will be there because they don’t want to do it alone. Be willing to stand (and pray) alone… if you don’t pray, maybe no one else will!

God hears your prayers. Here are a few suggestions of things to pray for:

  • Pray for God to strengthen your faith and that He would empower you to be a faithful witness to others in your school.
  • Pray for each other and for other Christians in your school.
  • Pray for God to bless your teachers and to help you grow in knowledge and wisdom. Afterall, school is about education, right… and God made everything… so it makes sense to ask God to help you learn more about what He created (even if your teachers don’t see it that way).
  • Pray for your enemies. Don’t call them out by name when praying out loud; that’s gossip, not prayer. Ask God to help you love and bless your enemies

Here’s a suggestion for what to do:

7:00-7:05 – Welcome, Introductions (so everyone knows everyone else), Read a Bible verse
7:05-7:10 – Individual Prayer (pray silently over the various things above. It would be a good idea to give suggestions about what to pray for, like what’s listed above).
7:10-15 – Group prayer – pray for each other (You could take prayer requests, pray for the person next to you, whatever… the idea is simply to pray for the others around the flagpole)
7:15-7:25 – Group prayer – pray for your school (You might want to be more intentional about having something planned for this to help people know who/what to pray for. Again, see above and the SYATP page for suggestions)
7:25 – Pray the Lord’s Prayer together, then dismiss

If you’ve led SYATP at your school, I’d love to hear your suggestions for what’s worked (and what hasn’t!), please leave a comment below so we can all learn from you!

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