2013 Missions Trip: Burlington, NJ

This Summer’s missions trip will be to Burlington, NJ through Group WorkCamps from July 27-Aug. 3rd.  While I (Pastor Mike) won’t be attending since I’ll be on Sabbatical, we have an amazingly strong group of adult leaders who are excited to be going.  Here’s a list of what I expect to be the most frequently asked questions, if you have more questions please feel free to leave a question in the comments below or call/email me directly.

Please come to the meeting after church this Sunday (2/24) at 12:15 in the youth room.

How much will this cost and how will we pay for it?
The fee through Group WorkCamps is $442, but after estimating additional costs (group training, travel, supplies, etc.) we’re setting a fundraising goal of $600 per person.  After the $100 deposit, each person will be expected to participate in various fundraising activities (like raking, painting, etc. with other team members in exchange for donations on your behalf) and support-letter writing.

What are we going to be doing?
There are many families, especially single-moms, who are living in poverty in Burlington and have been unable to maintain their homes.  We will be providing great encouragement and practical acts of love to care for them, fix their homes as we show them the sacrificial love of Jesus in action.  You don’t need to know how to use a hammer or saw or whatever before you come… we’ll teach you some basics before we leave, and you’ll be an expert by the end of the week!

Who can come?
Current High School students (including HS Seniors) who fulfill the requirements below will be eligible to join the team to come serve.

Why aren’t we doing some Hurricane Katrina relief?
We looked into Katrina relief, but most organizations providing the much-needed relief are so overloaded with meeting immediate needs they aren’t yet ready to line up teams for the summer.

Why should I consider going?
Last year our team had an eye-opening and heart-warming experience serving in Guatemala, but we don’t need to go quite so far in order to serve!  This year, we’re still traveling out of our neighborhood, but staying in the country to see how great the needs are that we are otherwise blind to.  God desires for his people to be Salt & Light in the world, He desires that we care for those who are in need in order that the message of the Gospel would be reinforced by a display of love and compassion and hope.  Some of these families are believers, others aren’t – we want them all to be strengthened in hope by serving them.

Where will we sleep?  
Group describes the housing arrangements this way: “You will lodge at a local school, community center, church or similar facility. Accommodations will include areas for groups to room together by gender, a common eating area, and a program area. Plan to sleep on the floor (so bring a single size air mattress). Showers will be available; however, they may be indoor showers (locker room style) or they may be outdoor semi-private, temporary showers. PLEASE, make sure everyone in your group brings a swimming suit to be prepared for any showering situation.”

What are the requirements and expectations to be a part of the team?
Team Members are expected to attend at least half of EBC Youth events (Sunday worship, Youth Group, Bible Study, Service Projects, etc.) – because we desire godliness and unity as we serve.  We don’t want to be legalistic about attendance, but if other “stuff” is crowding out opportunities to grow in Christ and to connect with the rest of the team, then that’s a problem.  You will also be expected to participate in the fundraising opportunities and to respectfully submit to the Team’s leadership.  There are other rules and expectations in the informational packet below that you should be aware of.

I’m in!  How do I apply?
Submit your $100 deposit and application to Pastor Mike by March 10-31st (Reservations are first-come first-served and Group might book up before you register).  Download the Application & Forms below:


Burlington Mission Team Application & Forms