2013 Missions Trip Change: Spencer, NY

Spencer, NY

So… there’s been a change in plans!  I went to register our group for Burlington, NJ last week and discovered that project/location has been cancelled for this Summer!  The good news is Group WorkCamps has so many locations around the country there’s another option for us!

The project in Spencer, NY remains open with plenty of space for our group.  Spencer, NY is at the foot of the “Finger Lakes” in NY and we would be doing house projects for the Elderly in town (fixing/painting walls inside, building wheelchair ramps, and other projects that would be a great blessing to these seniors).

Since this is still a project from Group WorkCamps, the details/costs remain the same (see the link above for all those details).  Each team member will be paired with members of other teams and we’ll gather together as a group at the end of the day to share our stories about what we did and who we met and how we witnessed God at work.

Please let Pastor Mike know ASAP whether or not you are still IN for this summer’s trip or if you would like to withdraw from the team.  The team’s reservations will be made next Wed (4/10).  

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