Spencer Missions Team: Fundraising & Info

Team Panorama
The Team! (mostly…)

Download the Group WorkCamps packet below.
Inside you’ll find basic information about our accommodations while in Spencer as well as directions on how to download the “Code of Conduct” and you’ll need to sign it and turn that in to me, and I’ll submit them when I have everyone’s turned in.  (yes, I know the Code of Conduct & Participation and Release Agreements are in the pdf below, but you need to sign the one you get online by following the instructions, thanks!)

Group WorkCamps Packet

Go HERE to complete the Group WorkCamps form – I need this ASAP

Team Verse & Covenant:
We discussed how we want the team to treat each other based off Galatians 5:13, which says, “For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.”  This verse makes it clear that we are made free through faith in Jesus, but we aren’t to use our freedom in order to do whatever we want… instead, we must use our freed to make us servants.  The next two verses clarify that if we “bite and devour” others, it’s only to our own destruction.  With that in mind, we agreed on the the following Team Covenant:

  • TEAM – We are a team, not individuals.  We will remember to look out for each other and to put the team before ourselves.
  • RESPECT – We will respect each other.  We will not tear each other down by our actions or our words.  Instead, we will look for opportunities to encourage, support, and build each other up.
  • LISTEN – We will genuinely listen to each other.  We will submit to the leadership over us, and we will serve and respect our fellow team members by listening carefully to each other.

Team Expectations:

  1. Active participation in at least half Youth Group events (Sunday School, Youth Group, Bible Study, Retreats, Service Projects, etc.).
  2. Active participation in Spencer Mission Team Meetings (dates TBD, usually Saturdays 9-12 once a month for the 4 months leading up to the trip).
  3. Involvement in Fundraising Efforts to an estimated $600/person to cover costs.
  4. Complete the Spencer Team Application and submit $100 by March 10th (youth should contribute towards the deposit).
  5. Respect must be shown at all time to one’s teammates and Team Leaders must be obeyed.  There may be times when circumstances call for immediate action and complete explanations cannot be given.
  6. Possession of or acquiring illegal drugs, involvement in sexual or violent activity will be grounds for immediate dismissal.  You will be responsible for reimbursing Emmanuel Baptist Church for airfare and other related expenses incurred.

Two Fundraisers:

Each team member is responsible for $600, $100 of which was paid as your deposit.  That leaves $500 per person to fundraise.  We agreed on two team fundraisers to coordinate in addition to writing individual support letters.  The team was split into two groups to coordinate and oversee each fundraiser, although everyone is expected to participate in both.  If you weren’t at the meeting, please contact one of the adult leaders for the fundraiser you would like to get involved in coordinating.  

PARENTS’ NIGHT OUT: Parents drop off their kids at EBC while the team babysits, parents make a contribution towards the team in exchange for babysitting.  Team: Alyson, Caitlin, Hannah, Stephanie, Gretta.

COFFEE HAUS & CRAFT SALE: Put together a coffee house at EBC where people can come ‘chill’ and also enjoy some hand-made goodies and crafts to buy.  Team: Josh, Trisha, Wayne, Ben A., Ben L., Kelli, Elizabeth, Emma, Emily, Amy, Lucy, Sarah, Lydia.

Writing Your Support Letter
It’s time to get those support letters written and sent out.  Please have your letter in the mail by the end of the month (please send at least 12, but sending it to 20 would be even better).  The pdf below will help guide you as you write your letter (taken from my friend Karl Dahlfred’s website, thanks Karl!).

Writing Your Support Letter

Here are some other things to keep in mind about your support letter:

  • Send 12-20 by the end of May
  • Proofreed, proofred, profread.  (see, misspelling things makes it look like you just don’t care, doesn’t it?!)  If you don’t care enough to proofread your letter for grammar and spelling mistakes, what is that going to communicate about the importance of this trip?  Care enough about this mission to send a well written letter.
  • It’s nice (but not necessary) to include a return envelope that’s pre-addressed and already stamped.  Make it easy for people to contribute.  Printed return labels are available in the Youth Room.
  • Remember that “support” doesn’t only mean “give me money.”  If we have all the money in the world, but not prayer… then we might build a few ramps and fix some broken homes, but we won’t make any lasting impact for Christ on anyone (including on each other!)
  • Do not have people write your name or initials on the memo line.  Have them write “NY Team” on the memo line.  You should include either a portion on the bottom of your support letter that they can tear off and send back with the check, or ask them to include a note so I know whose “account” to credit their donation to.  (For tax purposes, your name is not allowed to be on the check.)

As always, if you have any questions unanswered by these posts or the documents included, please contact Pastor Mike or one of the adult leaders.  Please remember that since Pastor Mike is on Sabbatical from June 17-Aug. 31 he will NOT be participating in this trip and will not be leading the team meetings after June 17th.

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