Redesigned site, coming your way soon!

In the next two weeks I’m hoping to finish redesigning this blog site to better serve the EBC Youth Ministry.  That means I’ll be unveiling a new blog where I’ll be blogging on life/theology/ministry issues elsewhere, while this site is specifically focused on the youth ministry of Emmanuel Baptist Church.  Here’s what I have in mind:

  • Guest Posts: I’m hoping to have guest posts by students, youth leaders, and parents.
  • Links: I’m not going to be commenting too much on them myself, other than maybe a paragraph explaining why it’s a link worth sharing.
  • Calendar & Announcement: More emphasis will be given to posting information and changes to the youth group calendar.
  • YG Lesson Discussion Q’s: Want to know what we talked about at YG last week? Parents, visit here to read a short summary and to pick up two-three questions to discuss with your teen at some point in the week.

Students, if you have any artwork or writing that you’re interested in sharing, or if you have some ideas for the site, please contact me and let me know!

Note: If you subscribe to this blog and are not directly associated with EBC, I’ll be sharing the new blog site in an upcoming post. I’d encourage you to jump over to the new blog once it opens up.  This may also explain the lack of activity here lately…

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