Introducing: Living Theologically

As I announced last week, I will now be blogging elsewhere in order to distinguish this site as one that is for the Youth Ministry at EBC.  I’m excited to share with you the link to my new blog, Living Theologically.

There are only a few posts up there right now, but I’ll be trying to add 2-3 posts a week.  For the first few weeks I’ll probably search through the archives here at and I’ll add one post from this site onto the new one each week until I’ve reposted my top ten favorite posts.  I don’t want to flood the new site with “old material,” but some of what I’ve written here is worth revisiting (I hope!).

If you subscribe to this blog and are not directly associated with Emmanuel Baptist Church, thank you for finding your way to this blog and reading what I write… I do not take you for granted.  Please feel free to unsubscribe from this blog, and I hope you’ll jump over to Living Theologically to continue the conversation with me over there.  You can read the blog posts and description there to get a sense of what my vision for the new blog will become.

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