Boston Missions Team: Packing List & Final Details

Departure & Return Details:

  • Departure: EBC 3:45pm Sun., Aug 3rd
  • Return: EBC 10:00pm Fri., Aug 8th

What to Bring: (please pack light, you can rewear clothes, no one will judge you!) 

  • Shirts (mostly short-sleeve, but bring something warmer too in case it gets cold at night), shorts, long pants, close toed shoes.
  • Light jacket (in case it rains)
  • Towel & bathroom essentials (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. Hair drying is not a bathroom essential)
  • Guys, make sure you pack a bathing suit since our showers are open and there are no individual shower stalls.
  • Bible, Journal, Pen
  • Sheets (twin sheets) or Sleeping Bag & Pillow (if you pack a sleeping bag, try to bring a thin one since it is the summer and we won’t have tons of room for huge bags in our cargo van).
  • Water bottle (optional, but it would be good to bring)
  • Some spending cash: $30-40 should be enough to cover you for the week unless you want to buy a CSM shirt ($15-20) or other mementos.

CSM’s Dress Code:

  • Comfy clothes: Bring clothes that are comfortable to work in and you don’t mind getting dirty.
  • Long and Closed: Pants and closed-toe shoes are required at many of our ministry sites. At some sites you may wear shorts (they must be longer than your finger-tips when your arms are at your side).
  • Reach for the sky: Shirts must be long enough to raise your arms without exposing any skin or underwear. No tank tops or sleeveless shirts.
  • Support no teams: No professional or college sports team clothing or paraphernalia, hats of any kind, or bandanas are permitted. NOTE: Groups members with bald or shaved heads may wear a fishing hat or something similar (no baseball caps) if they are working outside. (note: the written policy about no Red or Blue shirts does not apply to the Boston location)

A Note About Cell Phones: CSM’s policy is to encourage leaders to have cell phones so that students do not need to bring their phone. This doesn’t reflect a lack of trust, but it does reflect the importance of us unplugging for the week to minimize distractions and focus on all God has in store for our team as a whole and each of us individually. Students will be given opportunity to call home mid-week and towards the end of the week before we leave.

Blog Updates: I’m hoping to write a blog update each night with a few pictures and a brief description of what we did that day. I’ve been told the internet at our housing site is “spotty,” so please have understanding and patience if I’m not able to follow through on this, but I’ve found this to be a really helpful way for parents and church members to stay informed while providing the team members a great way to look back and remember what we experienced and learned.