CSM Boston: Tuesday

Boston Team - Tie Dye

On this wonderful “tie-dye Tuesday,” the morning started at the Eagle’s Nest again. After an exhilarating game of “7 Up” (while waiting for the boys to finish their classwork), our team was split in two and competed with the boys in Bible Jeopardy. We had lots of play time outside with the boys before lunch. After a few rounds of Knock-Out on the basketball court, we spent plenty of time running and playing with the kids.Mr. Duncan and the guys on our team surprised the boys with two laundry baskets full of water balloons before we left.



One of the boys asked Michele to read to him, so she got her Bible and they read various Bible stories for a while. It was a great opportunity for her to dig into the faith and teach the kids more about who God is and about his love.

After Eagle’s Nest, we went to Boston Rescue Mission. Anthony, the kitchen supervisor, got us to work quickly. Some students got to work cooking, others organized the food, cleaned the floors, and set up the tables and chairs.


Here are some of the things students want you to know about the Boston Rescue Mission

  • They have programs to help addicts to get back on their feet.
  • They serve 1500 each day (between the six meals they serve each day to residents and people off the streets)
  • The people who work there are nice and friendly. They’re also residents of the program and are working hard to get back on their feet.
  • It’s awesome.
  • The staff does a great job taking care of volunteers and giving advice to not make the mistakes they made. (The girls were especially warned “beware of those college boys.”)
  • The staff really gets to know the people who come through during meals, and they care for them beyond the food they serve.

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