Big Changes Ahead!

There are major changes in the EBC Youth Ministry, starting this week! The following video will give you a basic look at WHY we’re making these changes and WHAT the big picture will look like. 

What will Youth Group look like?
Junior High and High School combined at EBC, 7:00-8:30pm. Here’s a basic timeline for what to expect each night (don’t sue us if we don’t follow this precisely every week, it’s meant to give you an idea of what to expect):
7:05 – Icebreaker/Game (get people talking)
7:20 – Announcements
7:25 – Worship Team
7:40 – Gospel Lesson
7:52 – Small Group Discussion & Prayer
8:15 – Food & Hangout in Fellowship Hall
8:30 – Dismissal 

Why is Youth Group changing so much?
We want Youth Group to be a place where nonChristians meet Jesus and where Christian teens have opportunity to serve one another. The Youth Leadership Team decided together that recreating Youth Group would be the best way for those two things to happen. 

How can I help?
Students, you can help by bringing a servant-heart to youth group. Invite a friend. Welcome visitors. Contribute to the small group discussions and prayer times. When the lesson is something you’ve “heard this a million times,” come with a heart that says, “Others haven’t heard this at all.” 
Parents, we will need hosts for the “Food & Hangout” time in Fellowship Hall each week. I’d love to have a rotation of parents and other EBC adults serving our youth. This is a great witness to the nonChristian teens who will come, to show them that EBC values teenager and to communicate, “You are welcome here!”

What is nine23?
nine23 (based off Luke 9:23) is our new “next-level” discipleship opportunity for high school students that meets every-other Thursday night at EBC. This group isn’t for everyone, because we will have expectations and hold you to them… but if you want to grow in your faith and start serving others then this could be a perfect opportunity for you!

What are the expectations for students who attend nine23?
If we see you developing a habit that is not in line with these expectations, we will talk with you. We don’t want to be the police, but we want to see you grow, and these expectations are here as guardrails to help you grow in Christ and serve others. 
1. You don’t want coming to YG to be about your entertainment anymore, you want to grow in your faith and serve others. 
2. Consistent attendance at Sunday morning worship, Youth Group and nine23. (If you aren’t present, how can you serve?)
3. Come prepared to nine23. Whether we’re reading a book or going through a devotional together, we want to hear your thoughts about it! 
4. Expect to be challenged. The youth leaders are making a commitment to you, we want to do ministry together! On the “off-week” we want to meet your friends, visit another student’s game/concert/etc. with you. We want to walk with you as you start getting involved in ministry to your nonChristian friends and peers.

Why should I come to nine23?
Because you want to be a leader, a disciple-maker, and a multiplier (or, an LDX). Not every LDX will look the same, because all have different personalities and gifts. Not every leader likes to be up front. Not every disciple-maker likes to talk about deep philosophical things. Not every multiplier is comfortable in crowds. But if you love Jesus and want others to love him too, then we want to help you discover what it would look like for you to become an LDX… and that is what nine23 is all about. 

Got more questions? I’d love to tackle them… shoot me a personal email or leave a comment below.