How To Know God’s Will

This lesson is part of our “You Asked for it!” series, where students shared some tough questions they want answers to. This week, we’re looking at the question, “How do I know what God wants me to do?” There are three basic steps we walked through.

God's Plan a Mystery

Clarification: What do we mean by “God’s Will?”
Think about a Will that someone leaves behind when they die. It reveals to others what they want to be done with their stuff. Technically, “will” and “desire” have the same roots… So “God’s will” is the same as “God’s desire.” Asking “What is God’s will?” is the same as asking “What does God want?” (it’s just a more Christianese and “religious” way of saying it).

Step 1: Let the Bible Make You Wise
God isn’t hiding, and his will isn’t meant to be a mystery. God has given us the Bible in order to reveal his will and his desires. The Bible is way more than a book of wisdom, so don’t think of it as a list of do’s and don’ts… but there are definitely commands to be followed. If you want to know what kind of person God wants you to be, that is clearly available for you in Scripture. Read through the Gospels and see how Jesus lived, how he treated people, and what he taught. Read through the Old Testament and see the examples of people who walked with God (they had their flaws, and sometimes they made stupidly terrible decisions).

Step 2: Make the Wisest Choice You Can
You won’t find the answer to “What college should I attend?” or “Should I ask that girl on a date?” But if you have followed step one and if you are consistently seeking God’s wisdom, then that should steer you towards making wise choices (and away from making stupid and foolish ones). There are many things God simply leaves up for us to decide: what to wear, what to eat, etc. If we stressed over ruining God’s grand plan by messing up one of the hundreds of decisions we make every day, then we’d be overwhelmed and paralyzed. We’d never do anything out of fear of messing up God’s will.

Step 3: Trust God With Every Step
Trust that God is big enough and powerful enough to use your good choices and your bad ones too. He is honored and pleased by your wise choices, and he uses the bad ones for his glory too. Just look at how many times in the Bible people made really really bad choices but God’s will was totally fulfilled anyway (Here’s looking at you Joseph).

Big Idea: The Bible make you wise, make the wisest decision you can, and learn to trust God with every step. 

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