EBC Youth Summer 2015

EBC Youth Summer 2015
EBC Youth Summer 2015

You’ll notice a few things going on this summer:

  • No “Youth Group” or “nine23” during the summer.
  • Sunday Bible Study is every week (with a few exceptions, check out the Google Calendar for a more detailed calendar view) for both Junior High and High School students. We will be exploring the “Guardrails of the Faith.” The Nicene Creed serves as these “guardrails” and is the Christianity’s longest-lasting explanation of what Christians believe. We’ll meet at the Eldridge’s house in Wrentham from 7:00-8:30pm. 
  • A larger group outing about every-other week throughout the Summer. Let’s not become strangers during the Summer… and don’t forget to invite your friends! Let’s have fun together!

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Worth Your Time 5/1/15

Each Friday I try to provide a few articles that are worth the time of parents and youth workers. These articles span a number of issues, and not all are written by Christians, but they are all “worth your time.” Here’s the latest edition:

Why Not Gay Marriage? by Kevin DeYoung (The Gospel Coalition)
“Is there any reason a decent, rational, non-bigoted American might oppose same-sex marriage? Just as important: Are there any decent, rational, non-bigoted Americans who are willing to consider why other Americans might have plausible reasons for opposing same-sex marriage? This blog post is my way of saying “yes” to the first question and “let’s hope so” to the second.”
[On this same topic, I recommend Mike Riccardi’s post about whether or not the Bible talks about loving homosexual relationships or if it only condemns abusive homosexual relationships.]

Pray for Nepal by Tony Reinke (Desiring God)
“Viewed through this prism of the cross, Christ is exactly what my nation needs now. We tend to think that gospel would be ineffective or inappropriate to preach while people suffer so deeply. But it is the other way round. The gospel is the message of a broken Savior who is relevant to reach into broken lives right now. He is the only true comfort my country can have in this suffering.”

Today’s Teens and their Tech by Jonathan McKee (The Source 4 Youth Ministry)
“Last week Pew Research’s Amanda Lenhart released their brand new report on Teens, Social Media and Technology, providing us with the newest data on how many kids are actually online, engaging in social media, and using mobile devices.”

Remember Who You Are! by Todd Hill (Rooted Ministry)
“The reason I think that our students’ biggest struggle is living in their new identity, is because my biggest struggle is living in my new identity. Daily, I have to say to my Kingly Father, ‘Please help me not to live as an orphan today, but to live as your son!'”

God’s Will Isn’t Always Clear by Jon Bloom (Desiring God)
“But if we really love Jesus, we will increasingly love what he loves — we will be transformed by renewed minds. And our love for him and his kingdom will be revealed in the pattern of small and large decisions that we make.”

Replacing the Center of Youth Ministry by Josh Cousineau (Gospel Centered Discipleship)
“We must not point our youth toward empty religion but to a love-filled cross, a beaten and battered Savior, a King who defeated His foe, a risen Lord who rescues our hearts. To the one who beckons us, ‘Come, rest, and be accepted not because of what you have done but because I love you.’ The cross secures our affections to the one who was placed on it.”

The World Map of Christian Apps by Jeffrey Kranz (Disciplr)
“Devotionals, Bible readers, church management software—there are so many Christian apps out there! So the Disciplr team and I plotted the first ‘World Map of Christian Apps’: a visual guide to the landscape of digital tools created for the Church. This map pulls together Christian apps of all kinds: from native iOS and Android, Web-based, desktop software, and even a PowerPoint plugin. It’s not a comprehensive list, but it should give you an idea of what’s out there. And of course, remember that this is an observation, not a recommendation.”