Talking About Deflategate With Your Teen


Well, Deflategate and Tom Brady are all over the news again. And it’s not looking good for TB12.

I’m not interested in accusing or defending Brady, though I definitely have my own opinions about his alleged-guilt and the suspension he received. Instead, I think it’s important to realize this provides a great way for us to talk with teens about some important issues.

Here are some thoughts that may be worth a conversation with your teenager and a few questions to consider discussing together as you chew over the ongoing Deflategate fiasco.


  • Integrity means “wholeness.” You are one person, wherever you are. You don’t change from one moment to the next, and you’re not faking it with one group of friends while being someone else around others.
  • Let your integrity defend you. It takes a longtime to build it up, but only a moment to lose it. You generally know whether or not someone has integrity or not. It’s not gained by popularity or public opinion.
  • Integrity comes through a thousand small decisions. We usually pay attention to the big decisions in life, so sometimes they are much easier to get right than the small choices we make when we can think, “No one will notice, this isn’t a big deal at all.” Well, it is a big deal. The small decisions of life will make or break you. Choose integrity in all things.  Continue reading

What Pedro Reminded Me About Parenting

Pedro Martinez was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this week. Congratulations Pedro! As someone who lives in the Boston area, it’s always exciting when one of “our guys” makes it into any HOF, but Pedro is especially loved around here.

While I was listening to his speech over sports radio (you can watch it here or read it here) Pedro said something that struck me.  Continue reading

Come to Six Flags, July 22nd

If you’re planning on coming with the EBC Youth Group to Six Flags New England on Wed. July 22 there are a few things you need to know.

  • Tickets cost $35 per person (please make checks out to Emmanuel Baptist Church and write “Six Flags” with your teen’s name in the memo line)
  • I need a Permission Form for each student
  • Dropoff is at 8:00am, Pickup is at 8:00pm
  • Parents, if you’re interested in coming and driving please contact Pastor Mike

(Download the 2015 Six Flags Permission Form)

Please bring payments and permission forms to EBC or Youth Group by Sunday July 19th to sign up.