What Pedro Reminded Me About Parenting

Pedro Martinez was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this week. Congratulations Pedro! As someone who lives in the Boston area, it’s always exciting when one of “our guys” makes it into any HOF, but Pedro is especially loved around here.

While I was listening to his speech over sports radio (you can watch it here or read it here) Pedro said something that struck me. 

“Kids, I love you guys. You are actually my legacy, my generation next.”

Here’s Pedro… being inducted into the Hall of Fame. One of the greatest pitchers of his generation, and he says that his kids are his true legacy.

How often do we parents live and work in a way as if our legacy is something accomplished outside of the home. Yes, we all want to make an impact in our world, but I wonder how often we forget that the greatest impact we can make in the world is the legacy we leave in our children.

How often do we leave work early, frustrated that we didn’t finish our To Do List, and we send that frustration into our family who greets us at the door?

8534770705_6357cbdc04_oI love being a dad… most of the time! But there are seasons when parenting is just about the hardest thing in my life. It’s easier to go to work. Especially during the teen years, I want to encourage you parents to remember the legacy you are leaving behind. Don’t forget that you are shaping a generation, whether you intend to or not. Your teens are paying attention to how you spend your time, your money, and your fun… and they will likely follow the example you are setting. They don’t want you to know how much they’re paying attention, but please remember that they’re watching and listening… your children are your legacy.

May your children see you following Jesus: admitting and confessing your sin, leaning on the faithfulness of God through Jesus Christ to give you strength for godliness and wisdom and integrity, generously serving those in need.

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