Pawley’s Island: Monday


Even though our team left EBC on Saturday morning for this summer’s missions trip, this is really “day one.” We arrived last night in Pawley’s Island, SC around 6:00.

Keys, Anyone?
The exciting part of yesterday came at a rest stop in N. Carolina when we discovered the keys securely locked in one of our vehicles. Thankfully the AAA locksmith came in only thirty minutes and we were back in the road much quicker than expected. We made the best use of our time by playing some team games together and breaking into our VBS mini-teams to discuss and pray about the VBS program we’re putting on this week.

Team Time: “Let’s Go Have Some Successful Failures!”
During our Team Time last night our site leader, Tarynn, introduced the idea of “Successful Failures.” This is the idea that failures provide great opportunities to learn and grow. Often times, our fear of failure keeps us from attempting new things. Instead, if we embrace the idea of successful failures, we won’t let fear of failure keep us from trying something new… we’ll do our best while learning from what didn’t go as expected!

Invitation: Read James With Us!
This week’s devotional book was written by LeaderTreks in order to help students dig into God’s Word while processing their ministry during the week. We are reading through the book of James this week… would you join us in studying and praying through James this week.

IMG_5040Today’s Work Project
This week we will be working at a woman’s house who is working towards adopting two of her nephews and her niece. Although her two children are in college and in high school, she’s taking in these three young family members in order to keep them out of foster care. The Department of Child Services has instructed her that she needs to improve the sleeping conditions for the kids and make a number of safety improvements to her trailer before September, or else she will not be granted the adoption. These are reasonable improvements, but she lacks the resources to make them… which is where Teach My People and LeaderTreks teams like ours come in!

Last week’s team was able to build some furniture which our team will complete, providing bunk beds for the kids and a large shelving unit which will add some much-needed separation to convert the living room into another bedroom. Our team will be finishing the construction of furniture, patching holes in walls, and securing the railings on the outside decks. These projects will allow Ms. G. to be approved for the adoption and keep her family together. I’m so excited that our team has this opportunity to help Ms. G. take care of her family like this!

Teach My People
Teach My People is a wonderful Christian organization who provides a Christ-centered after-school program for children in Pawley’s Island. Their mission statement reads, “To teach children and youth in the Waccamaw school district to overcome academic, economic and social challenges and impact families through the delivery of Christ centered programs and services that promote spiritual, educational, and emotional growth.” I’m really amazed by the impact they are making in their community. Where families have lived in poverty for generations, TMP provides services for children from first grade through high school graduation… this year’s upcoming graduating class has 11 people who are hoping to attend college! I cannot wait to learn more about this amazing organization and get to know the kids when VBS starts up tomorrow.

How To Pray For Us

  1. Teachability: We want to learn everything God has in store for us to learn this week. Through our successes and our failures, there is always something to learn about who God is, who we are, and who God wants us to become.
  2. Leadership: Leadership = Influence. We all want to have influence on the people around us. Pray that each of us would grow in our understanding of how God wired each of us to influence others for Christ.
  3. Safety: On the roads, working on site, running a VBS… safety is a good thing.
  4. Unity: We are all growing as leaders, but we also are growing as team members… that means we need each other!

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