2015-16 Student Ministry Crew

When I was a teenager my youth pastor gave me an opportunity that changed my life. Obviously, I didn’t know it would be so influential, but as I look back I wonder whether or not I’d be where I am today without this invitation.

It was a simple opportunity to teach Bible Study. It wasn’t a big deal. It wasn’t a big announcement. The invitation was simply, “Hey Mike, do you want to lead next week?” … “Uh, sure, I guess.” It was nothing special, there wasn’t a huge revival. But something about the opportunity spoke to me and as other similar invitations came along I knew that something inside of me was changing.

Now, it’s important to realize that at this point in my life I was a freshman or a sophomore in high school who was extremely uncomfortable talking in front of groups. I would turn beat-red whenever the teacher would call on me in class. I had a stutter, which was the cause of much teasing throughout my childhood. But as I took the risk of leadership in youth group, something in me was changing.

More and more I want to give that opportunity to our students today. So here’s what we’re doing… We’re launching a Student Ministry Crew this year. Leadership and servanthood are a risk, but I’m really excited about this opportunity for our group!

Risk What will the Student Ministry Crew do?
The Student Ministry Crew will have a number of ministry and leadership opportunities this year:

  • Leading games at Youth Group (that means you get to choose what game we do that week!)
  • Give input to the Youth Leadership Team about the Youth Group calendar and what events we do throughout the year.
  • Share announcements at Youth Group to encourage other students to participate in what we’ve planned together.
  • Provide insight about what topics and issues and questions would be helpful to hear about through the Youth Group lessons and Small Group studies.
  • Open invitation to provide feedback and input on how we can make our youth ministry more fruitful and effective.

Who Can Join?
High School students who are Faithful Servants are eligible. Here’s what we mean:

  • Faithful
    • Is there evidence in your life that your faith in Christ is real and personal?
    • Are you faithful in worshiping at EBC?
    • Are you faithful in participating in youth group?
  • Servants
    • Where are you currently serving in the church?
      • Media Team
      • Worship Team
      • AWANA
      • Sunday Morning Nursery, 2’s & 3’s, or Children’s Church
      • Service Projects (Men’s Ministry meets every month to do work projects for people in need, all students are invited to join them!)
    • If you aren’t serving anywhere, then that’s a problem, because Christian leadership is about servanthood (not about getting power over people).
    • Do you ave a teachable spirit, or are you unteachable and unleadable?

Why Should I Join? 

  1. We grow when we serve. Do you want your faith to grow this year?
  2. Make Youth Group better. When Youth Group is a place where students are serving one another, we will be better for it!
  3. Develop your Spiritual Gifts. Do you know what your spiritual gifts are? Do you want to use them, but don’t know how or where to do that? Here’s an opportunity!

What Should I Expect?

  • Student Leaders Start HereThe SMC will meet before Youth Group on the last Sunday of each month, from 5:00-6:30. After we meet we can help set up and get things ready for Youth Group to start at 7:00.
  • Each month we will walk through different leadership principles. We will start off by going through a book by LeaderTreks called, “Student Leaders Start Here.” This will help you discover your leadership design, your passions, and your spiritual gifts.
  • If you don’t want to grow, don’t join the SMC. We are assuming that this will be a small group of students, not everyone is expected to make this commitment, because we want to encourage and challenge those of you who are ready to take the risk of leadership. Trust me, it will be worth the commitment.

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