Special Offer for Two EBC Families: Circle

I want to present a special offer to the first two EBC families who contact me for the following free offer. This isn’t a gimmick, and I haven’t been given any incentives for this… I simply want to serve your families and discover if the following device is truly as helpful as it seems to be.

The Challenge: Setting & Maintaining Tech Limits
Technology is everywhere. And with it comes many challenges. Tech Addiction (phones and video games are the biggest culprits) is significantly on the rise and porn is just as accessible through your phone and video gaming system as it is on your computer.

Last month I shared an infographic about teenager’s tech use, revealing that the average teen spends 9 hours using technology each day (this does not include time used for school and homework!). If you’re like most parents of teens, you’re struggling with the question, “How do I help set and maintain healthy limits?”

Meet Circle
Meet “Circle”

When I heard about Circle last month I was intrigued. Circle connects to your home’s wifi and can be used to do many things: monitor/filter websites that are visited, set tech limits for different family members, set tech limits for different types of tech (only one hour of video games, but two hours of social media, or whatever you choose), “pause” the internet (which could come in handy during family meal times, or if you have a curfew and don’t want your kids to play online video games after a certain hour). I’m really impressed by Circle… and it only costs $99. Check out the following video and explore their website (linked above) to learn more.

Here’s the Offer
I would like to buy Circle for two EBC families who are willing to commit to using it for one month. I’d like weekly updates on the challenges your family has keeping up with the limits you’ve established, but I also want to hear how your family has been blessed and renewed by the time together it (hopefully) provides which used to be taken up by the internet.

If you choose to keep Circle after that month, it’s yours to keep. If you do it for a month and do not want to keep it, or if you stop using it before the month is over, I’d like to offer Circle to another interested family.

Some Fights Are Worth Picking
I want to support and encourage your family. I want to set you up to spend time together that you cannot buy back later.

Some fights are worth picking… and I can see many parents looking back wishing, “I wish I picked that fight over technology. I wish we spent more time together.” What I absolutely cannot imagine is someone looking back and thinking, “I wish we spent more time on the internet! My kids should’ve played more video games and been more active on social media.”

If you’re an EBC interested in this offer, then you know how to get in touch with me. Please, however, make sure that all adults in your household is committed to this. If you’re interested but your husband/wife is not then I could see this ending poorly… just a warning, because this applies to your technology use just as much as it applies to your kids.

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