2015 Missions Team: Pawley’s Island, SC

leadertreks-logoThis year’s missions team will be traveling to Pawley’s Island, SC to serve with LeaderTreks. Here’s all the basic info you need, please contact Pastor Mike if you have any other questions! Start praying about whether or not God would have you serve on this missions team and get your deposit/forms submitted by Feb. 1st.

FullSizeRenderWhere: Pawley’s Island, SC
When: August 1-9, 2015
What: Physical service (home repair, building, etc.) & children’s ministry (most likely a VBS program)
Goals: Spiritual Growth & Leadership Development
Cost: $900 total ($150 student deposit, $750 will be fundraised)
Travel: Two days of driving each way (likely staying in Richmond, VA)
How to Sign Up: Submit $150, Application, and Release Form by February 1st. (download by clicking links above)

Why You Should Go:
1. Spiritual Growth. If you want to grow in your faith, this trip is for you. If you want to “get away” for a week and start building habits that get you reading your Bible and praying and doing acts of service/ministry, then this trip is for you. Simply put, if you want to discover more about your faith in Jesus and grow as a Christian, this is a great opportunity for you!

2. Leadership Development. If you want to come on a trip that’s basically a vacation, this trip is NOT for you. If you want to be challenged and work hard, this IS for you. You will be given opportunities to lead, make decisions, and do meaningful work. When problems come up, the adults aren’t going to fix them all for you… you students will be supported while you discover the solutions together. We want you to be equipped, so that whatever your personality and whatever your gifts are, you discover what your style of leadership looks like.

Obviously every team’s experience is different, but here’s a video from another church’s time serving with LeaderTreks at Pawley’s Island… maybe you will have the opportunity to meet some of the kids you’ll see in this video!

Big Changes Ahead!

There are major changes in the EBC Youth Ministry, starting this week! The following video will give you a basic look at WHY we’re making these changes and WHAT the big picture will look like. 

What will Youth Group look like?
Junior High and High School combined at EBC, 7:00-8:30pm. Here’s a basic timeline for what to expect each night (don’t sue us if we don’t follow this precisely every week, it’s meant to give you an idea of what to expect):
7:05 – Icebreaker/Game (get people talking)
7:20 – Announcements
7:25 – Worship Team
7:40 – Gospel Lesson
7:52 – Small Group Discussion & Prayer
8:15 – Food & Hangout in Fellowship Hall
8:30 – Dismissal 

Why is Youth Group changing so much?
We want Youth Group to be a place where nonChristians meet Jesus and where Christian teens have opportunity to serve one another. The Youth Leadership Team decided together that recreating Youth Group would be the best way for those two things to happen. 

How can I help?
Students, you can help by bringing a servant-heart to youth group. Invite a friend. Welcome visitors. Contribute to the small group discussions and prayer times. When the lesson is something you’ve “heard this a million times,” come with a heart that says, “Others haven’t heard this at all.” 
Parents, we will need hosts for the “Food & Hangout” time in Fellowship Hall each week. I’d love to have a rotation of parents and other EBC adults serving our youth. This is a great witness to the nonChristian teens who will come, to show them that EBC values teenager and to communicate, “You are welcome here!”

What is nine23?
nine23 (based off Luke 9:23) is our new “next-level” discipleship opportunity for high school students that meets every-other Thursday night at EBC. This group isn’t for everyone, because we will have expectations and hold you to them… but if you want to grow in your faith and start serving others then this could be a perfect opportunity for you!

What are the expectations for students who attend nine23?
If we see you developing a habit that is not in line with these expectations, we will talk with you. We don’t want to be the police, but we want to see you grow, and these expectations are here as guardrails to help you grow in Christ and serve others. 
1. You don’t want coming to YG to be about your entertainment anymore, you want to grow in your faith and serve others. 
2. Consistent attendance at Sunday morning worship, Youth Group and nine23. (If you aren’t present, how can you serve?)
3. Come prepared to nine23. Whether we’re reading a book or going through a devotional together, we want to hear your thoughts about it! 
4. Expect to be challenged. The youth leaders are making a commitment to you, we want to do ministry together! On the “off-week” we want to meet your friends, visit another student’s game/concert/etc. with you. We want to walk with you as you start getting involved in ministry to your nonChristian friends and peers.

Why should I come to nine23?
Because you want to be a leader, a disciple-maker, and a multiplier (or, an LDX). Not every LDX will look the same, because all have different personalities and gifts. Not every leader likes to be up front. Not every disciple-maker likes to talk about deep philosophical things. Not every multiplier is comfortable in crowds. But if you love Jesus and want others to love him too, then we want to help you discover what it would look like for you to become an LDX… and that is what nine23 is all about. 

Got more questions? I’d love to tackle them… shoot me a personal email or leave a comment below. 

Boston Missions Team: Packing List & Final Details

Departure & Return Details:

  • Departure: EBC 3:45pm Sun., Aug 3rd
  • Return: EBC 10:00pm Fri., Aug 8th

What to Bring: (please pack light, you can rewear clothes, no one will judge you!) 

  • Shirts (mostly short-sleeve, but bring something warmer too in case it gets cold at night), shorts, long pants, close toed shoes.
  • Light jacket (in case it rains)
  • Towel & bathroom essentials (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. Hair drying is not a bathroom essential)
  • Guys, make sure you pack a bathing suit since our showers are open and there are no individual shower stalls.
  • Bible, Journal, Pen
  • Sheets (twin sheets) or Sleeping Bag & Pillow (if you pack a sleeping bag, try to bring a thin one since it is the summer and we won’t have tons of room for huge bags in our cargo van).
  • Water bottle (optional, but it would be good to bring)
  • Some spending cash: $30-40 should be enough to cover you for the week unless you want to buy a CSM shirt ($15-20) or other mementos.

CSM’s Dress Code:

  • Comfy clothes: Bring clothes that are comfortable to work in and you don’t mind getting dirty.
  • Long and Closed: Pants and closed-toe shoes are required at many of our ministry sites. At some sites you may wear shorts (they must be longer than your finger-tips when your arms are at your side).
  • Reach for the sky: Shirts must be long enough to raise your arms without exposing any skin or underwear. No tank tops or sleeveless shirts.
  • Support no teams: No professional or college sports team clothing or paraphernalia, hats of any kind, or bandanas are permitted. NOTE: Groups members with bald or shaved heads may wear a fishing hat or something similar (no baseball caps) if they are working outside. (note: the written policy about no Red or Blue shirts does not apply to the Boston location)

A Note About Cell Phones: CSM’s policy is to encourage leaders to have cell phones so that students do not need to bring their phone. This doesn’t reflect a lack of trust, but it does reflect the importance of us unplugging for the week to minimize distractions and focus on all God has in store for our team as a whole and each of us individually. Students will be given opportunity to call home mid-week and towards the end of the week before we leave.

Blog Updates: I’m hoping to write a blog update each night with a few pictures and a brief description of what we did that day. I’ve been told the internet at our housing site is “spotty,” so please have understanding and patience if I’m not able to follow through on this, but I’ve found this to be a really helpful way for parents and church members to stay informed while providing the team members a great way to look back and remember what we experienced and learned.

2014 Boston Missions Team

I’m VERY excited to announce our 2014 missions trip is going to be to Boston through Center for Student Missions (CSM). We partnered with CSM a few years ago when we served in Toronto and had a fantastic experience (I blogged each night about our experiences throughout the week, you can read those posts HERE).

What will we be doing?
Each day we’ll serve in a few different ways. In the morning we could be in a food pantry, in the afternoon we could be helping in an ESL (English as a Second Language) program, and one or two nights we’ll be distributing food to men and women experiencing homelessness. Each day will be different, giving our team a wide glimpse of the needs in our own city that we’ve probably never seen before.

Why are we going to Boston? That’s boring!
Sure, going half an hour away isn’t as exciting as flying to another country, but there are serious needs in our own backyard that you’ve probably walked by a hundred times without noticing. Going far away to serve is great, but if we aren’t willing to serve here then why go there?! This is a powerful opportunity for you to grow new eyes to see the needs around you, even in a familiar city.

Who can go?
Any current High School students. Unfortunately, we can only currently accept the first 14 team members (leaders included).

Note about Group-Size
In order to meet their commitments, CSM accepts groups between 8-14 members and 20+, but groups with between 15-19 are too large for one ministry site but too small for two sites. Therefore, we will only be able to accept the first 11 students (three slots must be reserved for adult leaders) and the additional applicants will be put on a waiting list. If we are able to have a 20-person team or if someone on the team needs to withdraw then those on the waiting list will be invited to join the team. Thanks for understanding… and get those applications in ASAP! 🙂

What are the requirements to go?

  1. Regular attendance/participation in Sunday morning worship, Sunday School, and Youth Group meetings.
  2. Active participation in special Youth Group events such as retreats, service projects, etc.
  3. Active participation in Boston Mission Team Meetings (dates TBD, usually Saturdays 9-12 once a month for the 4 months leading up to the trip).
  4. Involvement in Fundraising Efforts to an estimated $400/person to cover costs. Actual cost of $500 ($100 deposit, fundraise $400).
  5. Completion of the Boston Team Application and submission of $100 by March 2nd (youth should contribute towards this deposit).
  6. Respect must be shown at all times to one’s teammates and Team Leaders must be obeyed.
  7. Possession of or acquiring alcohol and illegal drugs, involvement in sexual or violent activity will be grounds for immediate dismissal. You will be responsible for reimbursing Emmanuel Baptist Church for related expenses incurred.

Download the Boston Mission Team Info & Forms

Join us at Deep Freeze (Camp Berea)

Join us at Deep Freeze, Camp Berea’s winter camp! We’ve gone for longer than I’ve been the youth pastor, and I’ve been here for more than eight years… it’s that good!

Here are the details you need to know:

  • February 14-16, 2014
  • Camp Berea, Hebron NH
  • Cost: $140 total.  ($70 deposit due 12/1, remaining $70 due 1/12 along with Permission Form)
  • What will we do there: Music, Food, Carpetball, Tubing Hill, Paintball (costs extra, see details in the Student Info Packet), Volleyball Tournament, Basketball Tournament, Board Games, and most importantly, learn about Jesus’s love for us.
  • No phones, iPods, or electronics – we want you to be as fully-present with one another as possible. Thanks for your cooperation. (Leaders will have their phones in case of emergency.)
  • Departure: At EBC  4:00pm Friday 2/14 (bring a bagged dinner to eat on the bus, preferably something that’s not messy)
  • Return: At EBC 3:30pm Sunday 2/16
  • Speaker: Duffy Robbins (He’s legitimately one of the funniest guys I know)
  • Band: Sing Love Sing
Student Info Packet
click to download

So why should you come to Berea?
Check this video out for a glimpse of what’s in store for the weekend. This is always a great opportunity to make new friends, have some fun, and grow in your understanding of who God is, what He’s done, and what He want for you! Don’t miss out…

IMPORTANT: Please remember to bring a bagged lunch to eat on the bus on Friday.  We will only be stopping once on our way up to Berea, so you need to have dinner on the bus (and you’re responsible for cleaning up after yourself, so don’t bring anything too messy).  Everything else for the weekend is taken care of for you, but you might want to bring some money for vending machines, the snack bar, the gift shop or a CD from the worship band.   

Please make sure you’re on time on Friday (4:00pm) with all your stuff, because you don’t want to miss the bus!  We’re renting a school bus and a U-Haul for the bags.  Parents, if you need to get in touch with your teen over the weekend, please either call Pastor Mike’s cell phone (you can call the EBC office for his number or ask him for it ahead of time) or contact Camp Berea’s office.

Introducing: Living Theologically

As I announced last week, I will now be blogging elsewhere in order to distinguish this site as one that is for the Youth Ministry at EBC.  I’m excited to share with you the link to my new blog, Living Theologically.

There are only a few posts up there right now, but I’ll be trying to add 2-3 posts a week.  For the first few weeks I’ll probably search through the archives here at Crosswalking.net and I’ll add one post from this site onto the new one each week until I’ve reposted my top ten favorite posts.  I don’t want to flood the new site with “old material,” but some of what I’ve written here is worth revisiting (I hope!).

If you subscribe to this blog and are not directly associated with Emmanuel Baptist Church, thank you for finding your way to this blog and reading what I write… I do not take you for granted.  Please feel free to unsubscribe from this blog, and I hope you’ll jump over to Living Theologically to continue the conversation with me over there.  You can read the blog posts and description there to get a sense of what my vision for the new blog will become.

Never Ending Night

It’s that time again! We’re doing an all-nighter, “Never Ending Night,” again with the youth group at Good News Bible Chapel in Attleboro. Here are the details:

Nov. 22-23, 2013 (Fri-Sat just before Thanksgiving)
7:00 pm Dropoff at EBC (63 Rockwood Rd, Norfolk MA)
6:30am Pickup at GNBC (235 West St, Attleboro MA)
Signup ASAP by paying with a check (made to EBC, write “All-nighter: name” in memo)
Signed copy of the Permission Form (click the link to download)

The $30 covers all the entertainment, games, music, food, and more! You might want to bring some money for snacks here-and-there, but this is going to be a full night that you and your friends won’t want to miss!

You don’t need to bring a sleeping bag or anything else with you, just make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes/shoes that you can be active in.

The last few hours you might feel like the kid in the video below, but we’ve got plans to keep you moving all night long.