Mike’s Favorite Posts

Maybe you’re new to the site and you’re wondering what this blog is all about. This page will give you a good flyby of my favorite blog posts. Some of these have seen a lot of traffic, others have flown under the radar, but they represent some of the blog posts of which I’m most proud.

Understanding the Lord’s Prayer. This is easily the most viewed post on the blog, drawing 75% of my traffic. Chances are, this post brought you here… so welcome!

5 Ways to Gain Your Church’s Respect as a Youth Pastor. This article is pretty self-explanatory. I periodically revisit this article for my own benefit.

The Role (and Danger) of Fun in Youth Ministry. Fun is a good thing and tears down walls between people, but it can also overshadow more important things if you’re not careful.

Youth Ministry + Jesus – Fun = Biblical? I wrote this as a response to those who seem to insinuate that fun has no place in a biblical, gospel-centered youth ministry.

Where Faith and Mental Illness Connect. Mental illness continues to be a taboo and difficult subject for many Christians to discuss with others. Too often we feel that our faith should just wipe out struggles away… but that’s simply not how God normally chooses to act.

Why Are So Many Young Adults Leaving Churches? There’s a lot of talk about living in a post-Christian world today. It seems everyone wants to know the secret to get Millennials back into church. Here are some of my thoughts.

I’ve had the privilege of having my writing published elsewhere. Here are a few links to my favorite articles on other blogs/websites.

Death by Tech (YouthWorker Journal) Tech should fuel face-to-face ministry instead of bing  a replacement for personal relationships.

9 Things You Need to Know About Youth Ministry (The Gospel Coalition) What do youth ministers want others to know about youth ministry?

Youth Ministry Bridges Parents and Church (The Gospel Coalition) How youth ministry can have long-term impact by serving as a bridge between the church and home.

Is Youth Ministry Really “New” to the Church? (The Rooted Ministry) Tracing youth ministry throughout Church History and what youth workers should remember from based off how youth ministry has always been done.

Should the Youth Pastor Disciple Parents? (The Rooted Ministry) Youth Pastors need to be the parents’ greatest advocate in the church, but are they always the right person to be the ones discipling parents?

Which Matters Most: Form and Content (The Rooted Ministry) You have a message to deliver, but which matters more: what you say, or how you say it?