Parents, Are You Cocooning Your Children?

I read Dick Staub’s “The Culturally Savvy Christian” a while ago but was flipping through it last night when I came across this gem:

…”Children raised in the protective cocoon are ill prepared to meet the challenges posed by the secular culture they will inevitably face one day.  Thirty years ago, Francis Schaeffer warned, ‘I find that everywhere I go children of Christians are being lost to historic Christianity…. They are being lost because their parents are unable to understand their children and therefore cannot help them in their time of need…. We have left the next generation naked in the face of twentieth century thought by which they are surrounded.” (p.31-32)

It’s good to protect and guard our children, to preserve their innocence… I would never want to discourage parents from doing that.  But we do them no favors by insulating them from the culture they will one day need to live in and in which they are called to be Salt & Light.

Do not be in a rush to see your kids grow up, or else you might be throwing them to the sharks.  But don’t be so cautious that you “protect” them from the world to the point that it’s as if you’re still giving your teenager baby formula because you’re afraid he’ll choke on solid food.

May our faith be mature enough to demonstrate biblical, Gospel-centered, holy, pure, redemptive lives that would set a concrete example for our children to follow as they learn from us what it means to be an adult.