Struggling Against Porn

Puritan writer John Owen famously declared, “Be killing sin, or sin will be killing you.”

Porn is a serious struggle for many teens and college-aged men (and for all other ages too… but especially for young men).  It’s taboo to talk about and no one wants to admit their struggle to anyone else, especially if you’re a Christian.

Parents, here are some ways you can help:

  1. Don’t let your teen have a computer with internet access in his bedroom… especially at night!
  2. Install non-override filters with secure firewalls on all computers in your home.
  3. Fathers, talk to your sons about pornography.  Yes, it will be an uncomfortable conversation, but if you really want your son to walk with Jesus faithfully he should be able to come to you for support.
  4. Don’t add to the shame!  Don’t make him feel gross or like a freak… he already feels that way and needs to know that what he’s struggling against (sexual temptation) is normal, even though it’s not right or healthy.

Check out the link to “Teens Against Porn” under links on this site.  Boundless (a ministry of Focus on the Family) also has a number of helpful articles devoted to helping people overcome their struggles against pornography while helping others better understand this struggle at all… you can find those articles here.