How Marketers are Pushing Sexuality on Kids

Kids & Teenagers, are you aware of how the advertising industry is trying to take advantage of you?  Do you really want the things you buy, or are have you ‘bought’ the lie that purchasing this item will fill a void or longing in your life?

Parents, are you protecting your children and teenagers from believing what the advertising industry is pushing on your kids?  Have YOU bought into what they’re teaching?

We need to let kids be kids and stop rushing them into adulthood.  I think most of us reading this post would agree, but we aren’t always aware of the challenges that are actually working against us.  Be aware… your kids’ innocence may be at stake.

As a related-bonus: One of the most recent public demonstrations of this Sexualized marketing to children is Abercrombie & Fitch’s bikini for 7 year olds.  Walt Mueller wrote a great post about this here: “Abercrombie and our 7 Year Olds.”

Are You Immune to Culture?

A few weeks back I wrote about “Cave Dwellers & Teflon Christians.” As believers in Christ, we tend to gravitate towards extremes when it comes to culture’s influence on us: It’s either to blame for everything bad in our world, or it has no influence on me whatsoever.

If you think you’re immune to the influences that marketing (commercials, advertisements, and especially subliminal advertising), then watch this!  Derren Brown is a Brittish illusionist/mentalist who in this video sets up a marketing team to show them that they’re influenced by subliminal advertising just as much as their customers are.  Seriously, watch this!