2017 Missions Trip: Portland, Maine


We’re going to Portland, Maine with Experience Mission from July 30th through August 5th.

Did you know that Portland, Maine has become one of the key cities in America for immigrants and refugees who are seeking safety from their homelands? Experience Mission is a Christian ministry that leads teams to provide practical care while putting the dignity of the person being served as the primary ministry.

Sometimes in our service, we place the “project” about the person. One of the aspects of Experience Mission that I have come to appreciate is their emphasis on highlighting dignity towards those they serve. In this way, whether we are serving at a homeless shelter, putting on a children’s program, or helping teach English to immigrant children, the central drive is to demonstrate the love of Christ to the person. You can learn more about Experience Mission at their websiteExperience Mission at their website.

The Essential Information

  • The Mission: Loving our neighbor by ministering to the homeless and to those who have immigrated to the USA in Portland. We will be partnering with year-round ministries like The Root Cellar, caring for the people of Portland.
  • Dates: Sun. 7/30 through Sat. 8/5.
  • Cost: $750
  • Who: Current EBC High School students.
  • Travel Plans: Two Minivans (Google says it takes 2:34 to drive from Norfolk to Portland)
  • Housing Arrangements: Sleeping in a church about 20 mins outside of Portland (guys and girls on different floors). Daily showers will be available at an off-site location.

How Do I Sign Up?

  • Fill out the EBC Application and submit it to Pastor Mike by Feb 5th
  • $100 deposit to EBC by Sunday Feb 5th.

Other Forms You’ll Need: