Come to Berea!

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We’re going to Camp Berea February 19-21, 2016 for Deep Freeze! This is a great time to make new friends, strengthen current friendships, and to explore the question, “Is Jesus worth following?”

Here’s a video from our time at Berea two years ago (sorry, I didn’t make one last year!):

Here’s a flyby of the main info you need to know:

  • Dates: February 19-21, 2016
  • Cost: $140 total. $70 deposit due ASAP, remaining $70 due Feb 7th. (We don’t want money to keep anyone from coming, scholarships are available upon request, please contact Pastor Mike.)
  • Speaker: Danny Ray (a Christian illusionist who integrates magic into his message… check him out on youtube!)
  • Music: Oswald Brother Band
  • Permission Form: Download the form HERE and turn in the completed form with your final payment on Feb 7th.
  • Paintball: Yes, they have paintball! The cost is included in the required paintball waiver, found HERE.
  • Departure from EBC: Friday at 3:00pm. Bus leaves by 3:20.
  • Return to EBC: Sunday around 4:30pm
  • What to Bring: Warm clothes (remember, it’s winter camp not a fashion show… and it’s only two nights), Hat & Gloves, Sleeping Bag, Pillow, Toiletries, Towel, Bible.
  • What NOT to Bring: Alcohol, or weapons and non-prescription drugs are not allowed. We also discourage cell phone use and other electronic gadgets which distract and isolate us from spending face-to-face time with each other. If you bring a phone to use as a camera, please set it to airplane mode for the weekend.

This year’s theme is Re-Forged. Our lives take shape with every moment that forms and molds us until we may feel no more than a product of our faults, mistakes and struggles. But what if we can be changed? Sometimes it’s a slow and steady sculpting and at other times it’s a transformation that takes place in the fire of challenges, but the result is the same: our edges and sharpness are removed and the imperfections melted away as we are Re-Forged into something with new purpose that is stronger than ever before.

Join us at Deep Freeze (Camp Berea)

Join us at Deep Freeze, Camp Berea’s winter camp! We’ve gone for longer than I’ve been the youth pastor, and I’ve been here for more than eight years… it’s that good!

Here are the details you need to know:

  • February 14-16, 2014
  • Camp Berea, Hebron NH
  • Cost: $140 total.  ($70 deposit due 12/1, remaining $70 due 1/12 along with Permission Form)
  • What will we do there: Music, Food, Carpetball, Tubing Hill, Paintball (costs extra, see details in the Student Info Packet), Volleyball Tournament, Basketball Tournament, Board Games, and most importantly, learn about Jesus’s love for us.
  • No phones, iPods, or electronics – we want you to be as fully-present with one another as possible. Thanks for your cooperation. (Leaders will have their phones in case of emergency.)
  • Departure: At EBC  4:00pm Friday 2/14 (bring a bagged dinner to eat on the bus, preferably something that’s not messy)
  • Return: At EBC 3:30pm Sunday 2/16
  • Speaker: Duffy Robbins (He’s legitimately one of the funniest guys I know)
  • Band: Sing Love Sing
Student Info Packet
click to download

So why should you come to Berea?
Check this video out for a glimpse of what’s in store for the weekend. This is always a great opportunity to make new friends, have some fun, and grow in your understanding of who God is, what He’s done, and what He want for you! Don’t miss out…

IMPORTANT: Please remember to bring a bagged lunch to eat on the bus on Friday.  We will only be stopping once on our way up to Berea, so you need to have dinner on the bus (and you’re responsible for cleaning up after yourself, so don’t bring anything too messy).  Everything else for the weekend is taken care of for you, but you might want to bring some money for vending machines, the snack bar, the gift shop or a CD from the worship band.   

Please make sure you’re on time on Friday (4:00pm) with all your stuff, because you don’t want to miss the bus!  We’re renting a school bus and a U-Haul for the bags.  Parents, if you need to get in touch with your teen over the weekend, please either call Pastor Mike’s cell phone (you can call the EBC office for his number or ask him for it ahead of time) or contact Camp Berea’s office.